Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Carpe Diem, #10 rainbow

Good day to you all, haijin, visitors and passers,

Another day in Carpe Diem haiku paradise ... it's already the 10th day of this daily haiku meme and I am glad that it looks like a success. I have read wonderful haiku posted by several haiku poets. It's really a joy to see how different haiku are ... I would like to say 'chapeau' or 'Hats off' to all those who have contributed their haiku here.

Today the colorful rainbow is the prompt. Rainbows are wonderful to see ... it's a holy symbol of God that he will never will cause a flood again as He did in the time of Noe. It's really a joy to see the rainbow and all the wonderful myths the rainbow has given us. For example: 'at the end of the rainbow you can find a jar filled with gold' or 'the rainbow is a bridge to Heaven'. I am sure you, my dear visitors, will know a lot of stories and myths about the rainbow.

bridge to heaven
walking upon the colorful bow
towards eternity

This prompt will be staying on 'till October 11th 11.59 AM (CET). The next prompt will be samurai and will be published October 10th somewhere around 10.00 PM (CET)

Have fun an be inspired. Share your masterpieces with Carpe Diem, a daily haiku meme.


  1. Lovely photos and song ~ bridge to heaven...lovely line ~ great haiku ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Hi Kristjaan, It seems tat I will not be visiting your blog daily. This is my second visit, and I feel something magical building here. I do not know if my contribution camm through, so here it is (in brief):

    Catskill Folktale

    shad swim up rainbows
    slide into sweet pots of gold
    set skillets sizzling

    copyright: Susan

  3. Good day Susan ... your post came through ... a wonderful haiku. Thank you for participating here.

  4. I have re-posted my comment Loredana..