Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carpe Diem Preview #5 looking back with excitement (2)

Dear Haijin, Visitors and Travelers,

The first Carpe Diem month is almost over. I have read wonderful haiku written and inspired on the given prompts. In Carpe Diem Preview #4 I looked back to the first half of October. In this part I will look to the second half and will mention haiku posted in that part of the month. At the end of this Preview I will give the name of the Haijin (haiku poet) which will be granted our first Carpe Diem Award.

The haiku on the award is by Matsuo Basho, the haiku master which was the haijin for our Special prompts. If you would like to know more about that haiku visit: Basho Revisited my weblog on Matsuo Basho.

Well ... 'till so far our Award ... we will be back to our Award at the end of this Preview.

On October 15th we had for prompt Chrysanthemum, a flower that's seasonword for Autumn and Winter. In our part of the world it's a seasonword for Autumn, but the ancients used it as a seasonword for Winter.

I wrote my first haiga for that prompt:

Chrysanthemum tea
a whole new sensation
tickles my senses
Hillary provided us with this wonderful haiku:

Wild field, open and full,
Chrysanthemums bloom,

hazel shy smiles

(c) Hillary Ginger Piety

And Janet surprised us with:

Autumn looks hotter
when peonies outsmart peers to
match Chrysanthemum

life is much duller
without Chrysanthemum's light
peony lets it live

(c) Janet Mooster Zhou

On October 17th we had our third Special Prompt a haiku by Basho. I will reproduce that haiku here again:

a butterfly flies
only in the field
of sunshine

(c) Basho (1685)

This inspired me to write:

dancing butterflies
the scent of a sunlit meadow
ah! the summer breeze

(c) Chèvrefeuille 

Butterflies were an inspiration to several of Haijin for this day's Carpe Diem. E.g. the haiku by Magical Mystical Teacher:

in places of light
seeking butterfly wisdom
guide for the journey

(c) Magical Mystical Teacher

Or this one by Mark M. Redfearn:

brushing the mountain
with one wing

(c) Mark M. Redfearn 

The prompt 'Religion' we had on October 19th was difficult, but there were great post to that prompt e.g.

planting seeds I wait for

(c) Kathy Donlan

Or this one by Dulcina, who provided us with a wonderful series on religion.

humble chapel
where farmers pray for cattle
and daily bread

(c) Dulcina of Dulcina's Garden

Joanne 4Joy wrote the following one:

love others instead
tolerance and peace today
all hate and war gone

(c) 4 Joy - Joanne 

There were several other prompts this second half of October that weren't easy to write a haiku about. On October 23th we had e.g. 'praying'. And as I had thought ... that wasn't an easy one, but Bjorn Brudberg granted us with a nice one:

vicious predator
praying mantis far from good
deceitful pose

(c) Bjorn Brudberg

Reading Pleasure granted us also with a praying mantis haiku:

stunning decadence
praying mantis on the loose
the men run, confused

(c) Reading Pleasure 

And there were post in which the prompt praying became prey as I did myself:

praying eagle
looking for his prey
in the meadow

(c) Chèvrefeuille

On October 24th (the birthday of my youngest daughter) we had a Special Prompt on a haiku by Basho:

falling to the ground
a flower closer to the root
bidding farewell

(c) Basho 

It was one of the better days in our Carpe Diem history. Eleven Haijin posted their haiku. I will reproduce a few here:

E.g. Carol and ArtMuseDog of 'A Creative Harbor' posted:

leaf falling downward
dancing to it's nature song
gently descending

(c) Carol and ArtMuseDog 

Becca of 'On dragonfly wings with buttercup tea posted:

swirling colors drop
orange, red, purple, yellow
blazing wonder trails

raining dappled leaves
sprinkle, drizzle, shimmering
majestic demise

(c) Becca Givens  

When I stumbled in to childhood pictures when I was cleaning out my study I ran into a few nice childhood pictures. It made it easy to write a haiku on 'childhood' a prompt given by Mariya Koleva. We had childhood for prompt on October 27th and I have read beautiful haiku with this theme.

Kaykuala shared a wonderful triplet of haiku with us I will reproduce that triplet here:

a fleeting moment
seemed like only yesterday
apple of the eye

cute and cuddy, given
to smothered kisses and hugs
radiant and playful

of infants and youth
must it all end suddenly
childhood wrested off!

(c) Kaykuala 

This was really an adventure to me. hosting a daily haiku meme was great and still is. I have read wonderful haiku and I have met new people that granted us with their haiku. It's really awesome as I look back ... I only can say 'Thank You All' and bow my head humble.
And of course I hope you all will continuing to share your haiku with Carpe Diem. A new Carpe Diem month will soon start ... be welcome to share ...

For closure:

As I told earlier this month I will grant one of the participating haijin with the 'Carpe Diem Award'. I have read wonderful haiku, haiku sets, series of haiku, cascading haiku, classical and non-classical haiku. It was really a joy to host this first Carpe Diem month.
I will thank you all for participating and I hope that you all will continue to post your haiku in our second Carpe Diem month.

The Carpe Diem Award for October goes to ... (drum-roll) ... Dulcina of Dulcina's Garden she has granted us with lovely series of haiku (with a lot of wonderful pictures). Thank you Dulcina for bringing every day joy with your posts.

Our first Carpe Diem Award Winner

If you accept the award Dulcina ... copy and paste the Award into your new post for Carpe Diem. Congratulations!!



  1. You made my day, Kristjaan, thanks a lot for the reward.
    I think you have rewarded my effort more than the quality of the haiku I have written. I have learnt a lot reading yours and the other haiku friends' here, much better than mine.
    Thanks also for hosting Carpe Diem and for sharing your time and words with us through all October.
    Best wishes and see you!

    1. Hi Dulcina, I loved every post you shared here on Carpe Diem. I valuable your contribution and I can sense how much you love to share your haiku ... and they are really haiku ... they are all written right out of your heart.
      Thank you for sharing all your wonderful little gems and diamonds and I hope to see a lot of them in this new Carpe Diem month.

      Namaste, Blessed Be, Shalom

  2. Congrats, Dulcina. You truly deserve this award. It's been great reading all you works.

  3. Congrats Dulcina ~ you have certainly provided many wonderful haiku ~ (A Creative Harbor) ~ ^_^
    And to the Host of Carpe Diem Haiku ~ Bravo! ^_^ and thanks.

  4. Congratulations Dulcina, very well deserved. You do write some very wicked Haiku.

  5. Thank you for your diligence in posting a prompt and extras all month. I have read them all, had mental pauses, and downright blanks at some of them... and some ideas too late to post. I do want you to know you are appreciated and your hard work is not in vain as far as I am concerned.
    Next Tuesday, I am taking a short four week (four week) haiku class and that should help me a lot. Thanks for the inspirations.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine, USA

    1. Siggi Of Maine ... it's a pleasure to host this haiku meme and tell extras in my posts. I am glad that you like this so much and I hope your Four Week Haiku Class will stimulate you to explore this poetry form further and share your haiku with us on Carpe Diem.
      Remember that I cherish every haiku (classical, non-classical, cascading or what sort of form) posted here. Every contributor to this Carpe Diem I cherish also ... I am glad that with Carpe Diem I can give others the chance to discover haiku and share their own ... I love doing this.
      Have fun at your Haiku Class.

      Namaste, Blessed Be, Shalom