Sunday, October 14, 2012

Carpe Diem Preview #4 looking back with excitement (1)

Good day, dear haijin, visitors and travelers,

The first month of Carpe Diem, seize the day, a daily haiku meme, is almost halfway. It was a joy to read all your wonderful haiku which you have shared. The use of the given prompts were gorgeous, different sometimes than I had expected, but always wonderfully composed.
To me this Carpe Diem meme is still an adventure, but it also is a joy to be your host for Carpe Diem.
I have read really nice haiku so far and I love to start with granting an award for the participant which I see as the most valuable participant for Carpe Diem. I will read and re-read all of your entries of October again and afterwards I will grant someone with this award. If you accept the award copy and paste it into the first post after accepting.

Well ... we are halfway the first month of Carpe Diem. Let me look back with excitement. I don't look back most of the time, because I look forward ... to the future, but today ... halfway our journey I will look back.
If I look back than ... I feel humble and honored. You have all written such nice and wonderful haiku, classical and non-classical, for Carpe Diem. I feel proud that I had the opportunity to read your haiku and to be your host here.

Our first prompt was waterfall which I posted already in the last days of September. I was nervous and excited ... and asked myself 'Will someone post a haiku?' That was the start of a wonderful journey and an adventure.
The first haijin ever on Carpe Diem was Green Speck and he granted me with the next haiku:

the stars rain tonight,
angels clap in sheer delight,
waterfall of light

purity defined,
as I stand under this fall,
water, kiss my soul

(c) Green Speck

It was a honor and a delight that Green Speck wrote this set for Carpe Diem.

On October 3rd the prompt responsibility was on. This prompt was suggested and given by Mariya Koleva and she wrote:

burden of no shape
greyish veil before my mind
never am alone

(c) Mariya Koleva 

As Mariya (and I also) thought this wasn't an easy prompt, but the haiku written for this prompt were all wonderful. For example:

each morning
he washes her wounds
and binds them

(c) Mark M. Redfearn 

I myself had some trouble with this prompt, but finally I composed a haiku on responsibility with a 'link' to Carpe Diem.

a haiku meme
I pick up the duty to give
every day prompts

(c) Chèvrefeuille 

October 5th we had moon for prompt. That prompt was a success, there were 13 posts shared.  Carol and ArtMuseDog of 'A Creative Harbor', posted a series of three haiku. I will reproduce two of them here:

leaves falling ever
branches shedding, lightening
load lessening fall

birth, growth, sleeping dead
awake to new life, seasoned
fresh, a new being

(c) Carol and ArtMuseDog 

On October 6th I introduced the Carpe Diem Special prompt. A prompt which was a haiku written by Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) one of the four greatest haiku-poets. I knew that the Special would be difficult, but it amazed me to read the entries on this special.
Kathy Donlan was the first to share her haiku for this Special inspired on the one I gave by Basho:

the orchard breathing
honey crisp air

(c) Kathy Donlan  

Rainbow (October 10th) was also a prompt that had the honor for nine posts. Hank a.k.a. Kaykuala shared a series of four haiku, here I will reproduce two of them.

the dispersal of colors
through rays of sun

the colors exit
reflecting from raindrops to
create a rainbow

(c) Kaykuala 

His entry for rainbow was a wonder. I was speechless ... so I decided to use Rainbow in reprise for November's Carpe Diem.
On the same Rainbow prompt Loredana posted a wonderful series of photo's of The Japanese Stroll Garden (New York) and two wonderful haiku. This post was a journey through the Japanese Garden.

autumn sunlight -
splashes of yellow, orange and auburn;
a rainbow in the garden

in the zen garden,
raking waves in the sand -
I live in the moment

(c) Loredana 

The second Carpe Diem Special Prompt I published on October 12th. Another wonderful haiku by Basho:

white poppy
it must have bloomed
from a wintry shower

(c) Basho (1683)

It inspired me to write:

at sunrise
poppies still redder
sacrifice for God 

(c) Chèvrefeuille 

Dulcina, of Dulcina's Garden, wrote a gorgeous series of haiku (eleven) and I will reproduce two of her haiku here.

african violet
leaf purity blooming
in seraphic wings

empty canvas,
dreaming of a future
in bright colours

(c) Dulcina 

In this first half of October I have met some new people that shared their haiku on Carpe Diem. I am grateful to you all, my dear participants.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for being part in Carpe Diem. You're the air to breath and give life to Carpe Diem. 

To be continued ... in Carpe Diem Preview #5


  1. I am delighted to be a part of this meme ... Thanks for this appreciation my friend :-)

  2. I thoroughly enjoy creating haiku and your prompt challenges add 'spice' to the process ~ Lovely group of creative poets ~ Thanks Krisjann and everyone ~ Carol ( A Creative Harbor)

  3. What a delight to have this roundup of haiku so far. I hope Carpe Diem continues for a long, long time!

  4. I enjoyed writing this Preview. It's really wonderful to re-read all your nice posts. I am happy ... that Carpe Diem can be a place for writing haiku. I hope that I can host it for a long time.