Monday, January 21, 2013

Carpe Diem #101, Bamboo

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

In my last post, about the 100th prompt, I told you about the Anthology which I will prepare as a gift to you all. Of course I will ask you all if I may use your haiku in that Anthology. Before that I will make a selection of haiku which I would like to use. As that selection is completed I will post it here on Carpe Diem and than I will ask you all if I may use your haiku. Every haiku will be accompanied with the name of the author of course. OK back to this new episode of Carpe Diem.

It was an awesome day yesterday. We had our 100th prompt anniversary and you all have granted me with wonderful haiku on 'Angels'. I am so proud to see that Carpe Diem is a growing community for haijin and that it gives so much joy and inspiration. Thank you all for your daily effort to write and share your haiku here. Namaste.

Credits: bamboo

Today we share haiku on 'bamboo'. Throughout Japanese culture and history, the bamboo tree has been viewed with reverence and respect for its delicate beauty and as a symbol of endurance. It appears slender and vulnerable, yet it holds strength. Bamboo is also in great demand for use in making many products, including items used in the sacred tea ceremony.
Because of its spiritual significance, the bamboo tree motif is incorporated throughout Japan's landscaping, arts, architecture and temple gardens.
When I started writing haiku, in the late eighties, I didn't know much about it. I just tried and it became a great addiction. I love writing haiku, it gives me a lot of joy and fulfillment. Back in those days I wrote my haiku in my maiden language Dutch.
In the late nineties I created my first Anthology of my haiku, and I became my own publisher. That first Anthology was titled 'Emptiness' or in my language 'Leegte'. 'Emptiness' was more than the title of the Anthology, it also meant to say that also the emptiness around the haiku (in the page lay-out) is part of the haiku, that emptiness is also part of Zen Buddhism, the spiritual source of haiku.
'Emptiness' included haiku which I wrote between 1988 ans 1998. One of the haiku which I included was about 'bamboo':

rustling bamboo
brings my mind into ecstasy
whispers secrets

In Dutch:

ruisende bamboe
brengt mijn geest in vervoering
fluistert geheimen

Credits: Bamboo with Lady Bug

Another 'bamboo'-haiku which I included in 'Emptiness' was the next one:

lightning and thunder -
sound of raindrops
on bamboo leaves

Aren't they beautiful? With this haiku I won my first literature prize ever. Something to be proud on. It was a recognition for the way I was writing haiku. In the years following I became an Internationally known haijin and I took on my 'Nom de Plume' Chèvrefeuille, which means 'Honeysuckle'.

Well ... I hope I have inspired you all to write haiku on 'bamboo' and I hope to read wonderfully composed haiku. Have fun, be inspired and creative. And please ... share your haiku (and comments) with Carpe Diem.

This prompt will stay on 'til January 22th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post our new episode later on today around 10.00 PM (CET). Our prompt for January 22th will be: 'sweet memories'.


  1. I wasn't sure I could write a haiku about bamboo, but things came together. Thanks for the prompt!

  2. Kristjaan your haiku today was so beautiful, I really loved them. The anthology sounds like a wonderful idea. My permission should not be a problem

  3. Both your haiku capture two portraits of bamboo - one physical and one spiritual! Both are beautiful!

  4. You make writing Haiku look so easy Kristjaan - but then this is Carpe Diem Haiku 101 :)
    I caught up on yesterday's prompt today as well. I couldn't miss no 100 now could I.

  5. Your haiku that won the literary prize is wonderful - a real moment of meditation there, you can hear and feel it....

  6. I'll read the other entries later, just managed to use my lunch break to submit my humble participation.

  7. Thank you for sharing some of your journey....

  8. I found you through Bjorn...thank you for supplying the prompts and background. Your work is beautiful, and for letting me tag along on the edges of the community. :)

  9. I was stumped again...but found I made it difficult for myself...thanks for a great prompt...many ways to view bamboo.
    My "stump" was that it is considered invasive in my area...over takes lawns and is difficult to contain. I personally love bamboo, but understand too much of a good thing !