Sunday, January 27, 2013

Carpe Diem #107, Children

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Children are a joy and a pain in the a.., but I can't live without them.. I have four kids and six grandchildren and I love it when they're all at home. Than it's a party and a joy to spend time with them.
I love to have my children and grandchildren around.

Today we share haiku on 'Children'. I am looking forward to all of your wonderful haiku on todays prompt.

children playing
making a snowman in the frontyard -
Ah! What a joy.

Ah! What a joy
to have all my children
around me

around me
on the outstretched beach
children playing

This prompt will stay on 'till January 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post our new (and last) Carpe Diem Special by our haiku master Shiki later on today around 10:00 PM (CET)

The new Special by Shiki are the following haiku:

tsuridoko ni irihi mori kuru shigemi kana

the evening sun
filters through the undergrowth
onto the hanging bed


rai harete ichiju nu yuki semi no koe

the thunderstorm having cleared up
the evening sun shines on a tree
where a cicada is chirping


  1. Just watching children play lifts the spirits! Lovely haiku!

  2. Another wonderful post ~ love the children playing in the snow ~ great haiku ~

    Carol of: A Creative Harbor ^_^

  3. K,
    Your haiku about your family oozes love on every line, every word.

    I can tell how much you love them.
    "ahhhh, what a love" you have. ; )
    Well done!

  4. I'm back from the weekend, but don't know, if I'll find the spare time today for this nice promt. We'll see.

  5. OK. I've just made it. Hope that tomorrow work won't be as overwhelming laeving more time to write haiku.
    Kristjaan, how did you know, that I long to hear cicadas sing? :-)