Monday, January 14, 2013

Carpe Diem #96, Ember (provided by Bjorn)

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

First of all ... my mom is at home and she will recover totally according to her doctor, but it will take a while. All is well with her ... and I am so blessed that she is home again with my dad and I am blessed with you all my dear friends on Carpe Diem. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

The last two days were about music and today our new prompt can be called music as well, only in an other way. Today our prompt is ember (or ash, coals, smoldering remains). I didn't know this word so I had to search for it's meaning and some synonyms of it to write my haiku for today.

File:Embers 01.JPG
Credits: Ember
Awesome photo ... can I use that one in my 'ember'- haiku? We will see. I have sought for a few examples of haiku written by the classical masters. This one by Buson for example:

uzumibi ya ari to wa miete haha no soba

Smouldering embers-
You would think that they're buried
Close to mother's side

Or this one, also by Buson:

uzumibiya tsuiniwa niyuru nabenomono

Buried embers--
In the end will cook
A one-pot dish

And another by Buson:

uzumibiya waga kakuregamo yukino naka

Buried embers--
My hidden house
Also in the snow.

And a last one written by Issa:

tabako no hi te ni uchinuite yusuzumi

knocking my pipe's ember
into my hand --
evening cool

Aren't they wonderful? I love to write haiku, but it is not always an easy task. With this prompt I had some difficulties but I succeeded.

smoldering remains
are the only witnesses -
second day of the year

light of ember
mysterious shadows on the wall -
a cool summer night

black wipes of dust
the face of the old coal miner
toothless smile

delicious dinner

delicious dinner
roasted red and yellow peppers
the light of ember

This prompt will stay on 'till January 16th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post 'crocus' our new prompt later on today around 10.00 PM (CET).
Have fun, enjoy the read and the ride to a nice and wonderfully crafted haiku to share with us all.


  1. Smoldering remains.....I love the atmosphere you suggested in this one! Very nice one!

  2. First, I'm happy for your mother. Secondly I must say you did a great job on using the word, ember is to much positive. It reminds me of charcoal that we had in December. Thank you

  3. Very beautiful haiku you have posted including yours. My favorite is that with the old coal miner.
    Best wishes for your mom.

  4. I can smell all that wonderful delicious food.. it made me hungry!!! These are absolutely heart warming.. perfect for this cold weather we're having! Stay warm!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful collection of Ember Haikus. For someone who had to look up the word, you've captured its essence in your haiku so well. Thank you :)
    So pleased to hear your Mum is home and getting well again as well.

  6. Such wonderful news about your mom ... cause for joyous celebration!!

  7. So pleased that you mom is home and all well. Many thanks to you and Bjorn for the lovely prompt "Ember." What a wonderful collection of Haiku here. I like them all but my favourite is:

    light of ember
    mysterious shadows on the wall -
    a cool summer night


  8. Love the idea of smouldering remains being the only witnesses of the second day of the year! But I think my favourite is the atmosphere of the haiku Gracy just mentioned!

  9. I've only just come across this sharing. Thank you for setting it up.

  10. Thanks, both Kristjaan and Björn!
    I'm late again, but better late than never!

  11. a loved this prompt! The first haiku by Buson moved me greatly as I have buried some of my sisiters 'embers' next to my dad and mom....

  12. We rejoice together on the wonderful news on your beloved Mom. Great haiku write and thanks for hosting, Kris!


  13. I don't see where I entered that I'd posted my embers haiku...if this is a double...I've only posted one on Embers.