Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Carpe Diem Extra 2015 - 5 A question for you all

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

A while ago I got a question for you all in my email by Leslie Moon a.k.a Moondustwriter and I love to share her question with you all here at our Carpe Diem Haiku Family.

This is the email by Leslie:

[...] In November I started formulating a plan to write and publish a book where the proceeds would benefit children orphaned by ebola (specifically in the country of Liberia.)
Originally I was considering short stories based on the publisher's suggestion. I realized a corporate effort by a community of poets would have a beautiful voice.
Then I thought about two communities that are personal who work/write together well - the Carpe Diem Haiku Kai community and the Poets United community.
So I am asking you if you would consider a corporate project of haiku and poetry that would be put together in one beautiful book.
I earlier had approached a photojournalist who has spent some time in Liberia to use some of his work and he agreed.
The project for you as moderator would be as simple as putting a call for submission on your Carpe Diem site. I would have a link for people from the group to make their submissions. Sadly there would be no renumeration for any of the writers. This will be a published book so it does give the poets the pride of having their work in print. Other than a modest amount that the publisher will take out for layout costs, the funds will go to at least one orphanage.
I thank you Kristjaan for the kindness and goodness that you convey each day in your words.

Many thanks

Leslie Moon

As I understand the above question than Leslie will make a book to raise funds for an orphanage in Liberia (hit by Ebola). I think this is a great opportunity to promote our beloved haiku as an art-form of poetry and it gives you all the chance to have poems in print. It's benefit project so you don't get paid for it, but the joy it will give and the love which it will spread will be your reward.
Especially for this "benefit" project for an orphanage in Liberia I have created a new emailaddress to which you can email your haiku which you love to donate to this project of Leslie Moon.

I hope that you all will give it a thought to donate haiku to this project by Leslie Moon.


Chèvrefeuille, your host


  1. good luck with this wonderful project; i will contribute

    much love...

  2. I think it is a really wonderful idea - I am all for. Will give it a thought and send haiku to the email you have mentioned above.

  3. Wonderful endeavour....I would be happy to contribute :-) Count me in...

  4. I am very supportive of this and would like to know when they get it done how to order it--so that I may have all the great haiku but also contribute to sales for such a worthy cause. I do wonder though, perhaps rather than randomly sending haiku, if it would work better if there were certain themes or prompts, or perhaps photo prompts that we could work with?

  5. I think having themes is a great idea, haikuplatespecial!

  6. Please if you have nuts and bolts questions email me at
    This project is intended to share love with children who have lost so much. Each of you are cherished as poets but as friends first. We will only ask that you give us copyright for one year. We will share the names of those who are part of this project in any articles that are written about this work. I have done something like this before but not on as large a scale so any input or help is welcome

    Much love

  7. P.S. I have goosebumps at the thought of your dear voices touching these precious children!!!

  8. I support this.. and yes being part of this and several other communities where I have came across Leslie I would love to add some poetry (haiku or other to the effort)