Friday, February 20, 2015

Carpe Diem Time Machine #4, Yellow

Hello, this is Paloma once again, helping our host Chèvrefeuille today while he enjoys some extra time with his family and friends.  

For this episode of Time Machine we are looking at “Yellow”, which is revisiting November 2012. For that prompt, Chèvrefeuille featured Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Yellow House”.

Vincent Van Gogh. The Yellow House, 1888.

Here are Chevrefeuille's haiku in response to the painting:

the yellow house
a sturdy rock in a man's life -
the cry of a child

the cry of a child
seeing the rainbow for the first time
'I want to cross that'

Very sweet, right? 

For today, Chèvrefeuille mentioned that he was interested in Van Gogh’s yellow bridge, the Langlois Bridge at Arles.  Vincent loved this bridge because it reminded him of both Hiroshige and a bridge in his homeland. 
The Great Bridge.  Hiroshige (L) & Van Gogh (R)

Here is Van Gogh’s Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing (1888):

Vincent Van Gogh.  Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing, 1888. Wikimedia.

Here is my effort at haiku inspired by the painting:

morning washing –
the scent of yellow grass
clinging to my hem 

long into morning -
the scent of mud and green things
baked on yellow stones

Perhaps not my best (!) but I keep thinking about the smell of the mud and the grass.  What sense memories does the painting awaken in you?


This episode is open for your submissions from February 20th at 7 PM (CET) and will remain open until February 23rd at noon (CET).   


  1. Jen, your series are just amazing!

    1. Thanks Cheryl-Lynn :)
      So much second-guessing, you know. o.O

  2. I especially like the first two lines of your second haiku, Jen -
    "long into morning -
    the scent of mud and green things"
    I find both phrases pleasing to say :)

    1. Thanks! Struggled with this --- how to say "vegetation" and "algae" in a poetic way? Glad it worked ;)