Friday, February 20, 2015

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #74, Jackie Le Poidevin's "Bare Branches Touch"

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Another week has gone and it was a busy week. First I am in the nightshift, second I have decided to be a co-host at Mindlovemisery's Menagerie starting today (Friday 20th) with my first Fairy Tale prompt. And last, but not least, I have created a new part of our Carpe Diem Haiku Family "Carpe Diem's Tanka Shrine".
And ... I am happy that Jen of Blog It Or Lose It will be my co-host for this weekend ... so I can take a weekend off. Feels strange, but it also will bring me more in balance ...

So this Tan Renga Challenge is the last post for me to do for this weekend, I will be back with a new Time Glass episode next Sunday. Of course I am looking forward to Jen's posts here at CDHK and I love to thank her for helping me out ... thanks Jen.

Ok ... back to this week's Tan Renga Challenge. Several episodes of CDHK ago I first read a post by
Jackie Le Poidevin of HaikuBlog UK and I am happy to see that our Haiku Family is growing.

The following haiku  Jackie shared in response on our Haiku Writings Techniques "Comparison".

Bare branches touch
Over the lane where we walk,
Fingers entwined.

© Jackie Le Poidevin

A nice and very romantic scene with a great comparison (bare branches touch/fingers entwined) in it. Really a nice haiku to start our Tan Renga with. The goal is to write the second stanza of two lines (7-7 syllables) to complete or continue the scene started in the haiku (or the first stanza).

Here is my attempt to make this Tan Renga complete:

Bare branches touch
Over the lane where we walk,
Fingers entwined.
                                        (Jackie Le Poidevin)

no empty nest feelings finally
together again
 just the two of us                  (Chèvrefeuille)

And now it's up to you my dear friends to make this Tan Renga complete or continue the scene painted in the first stanza by Jackie.
!! I am behind with commenting I hope to visit all of you a.s.a.p and catch up !!

This episode is open for your submissions Friday February 20th at noon (CET) and will remain open until next Friday February 27th at noon (CET). For now ... have fun!


  1. This is such a moving haiku to complete...and your renga:) Repose-toi bien

  2. What a beautiful haiku -- and your completion is very sweet :)

    Very glad to help out -- nervous! -- but glad. Enjoy your weekend :D

  3. Jackie's haiku is so perfect in itself, that I couldn't possibly embellish it.