Saturday, October 17, 2015

Carpe Diem Special #175 Cor van den Heuvel's "reading a mystery"

Dear Haijin, visistors and travelers,

What a joy to bring you another wonderful haiku by Cor van den Heuvel (1931 - ). In an earlier CD Special I shared a "baseball" - haiku written by him and this time I love to share the following beauty:

reading a mystery
a cool breeze comes through
the beach roses

© Cor van den Heuvel

I have tried to see this scene in front of me. I see a man or a woman enjoying the summer heat on a beach somewhere. Maybe it's late afternoon and the heat has tempered a little bit, but still it is warm. So he/she decides to seek the shade, he/she finds that shade in the dunes surrounded by beach roses.
"Reading the mystery" sounds great. Is it a novel or is the person in this haiku someone who is looking around to find someone, maybe the person is trying to find a mate.
As I look to this haiku from my own view and experience than I would go for that second idea. I love mystery and I love to find out such a mystery.

Another haiku by Cor van den Heuvel brought me also that idea of mystery, but in another way.

through the small holes
in the mailbox
sunlight on the blue stamp

© Cor van den Heuvel

This haiku is awesome, but it looks somewhat paradoxical, because of the scene given. I don't know the American mailboxes, so maybe it's possible, but to me this looks really strange. How can someone see the sunlight on the stamp while the postal is inside the mailbox?
It's a mystery ... so maybe this whole episode is themed mystery or mysterious ...

mysterious fields
hidden in mists and greyness -
the cry of an owl

the cry of an owl
resonates through the night
mysterious fields
© Chèvrefeuille

Or this one:

a new day rises
in the mystery of the dawn
the sound of rain

© Chèvrefeuille
Well ... now it is up to you to write/compose an all new haiku in the same sense, tone and spirit as the one given.

This episode is open for your submissions tonight at 7.00 PM (CET) and will remain open until October 20th at noon (CET). I will (try to) publish our new episode, Hokkaido Shrine Festival, later on. For now ... have fun!

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  1. Just imagine yourself being the stamped envelope inside the mailbox, and this will make sense.