Thursday, September 27, 2018

Carpe Diem Extra September 28th 2018, pre-announcement October 2018

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

It's almost October and that means ... time to celebate as we do every year in October, the month in which I started CDHK back in 2012. This year we will celebrate our 6th anniversary and I hope it will be a wonderful month full of celbrations. However this year I hadn't enough time to invite celebs from the poetry and musical world to join in our celebrations. So our upcoming anniversary I will try to create all episodes to celebrate our 6th anniversary.

So I cannot tell you what we are going to do, but of course I have already created a new logo for our celebration month. That logo I have published already at the right side of our Kai, but I will give it here again.

As you can see this logo shows you Mount Fuji, the Holy Mountain of Japan, surrounded by the beautiful colored leaves of the Japanese Maple. Of course no need to tell you why I have chosen this logo for our 6th anniversary, but I will tell you why this choice ...

Mount Fuji is the Holy Mountain of Japan and it's celebrated in many haiku and tanka for example this one by Basho:

Mount Fuji
like the tea-grinding mill
carried by the lice . . .

© Basho (age 33)

Mount Fuji in autumn

Or this one written by Yozakura, the Unknown haiku poet and apprentice of Basho:

through cherry blossoms
at the end of the day -
snow on Mount Fuji

© Yozakura

And that's not all what I can tell about my choice. The Japanese Maple is one of the most beautiful trees and if its leaves are coloring than the Japanese know that it's really autumn. Maybe you are familiair with the thought that autumn is the most beautiful season to write haiku (and tanka) about, not only for its colors, or feeling of departing, but also because the moon is on her brightest in autumn according to the Japanese.

So this logo points in many facets towards haiku, the first idea fromwhich CDHK evolved to what it has become now ... a warmhearted family of poets that love the beauty of Japanese poetry.

Next month we will celebrate our sixth anniversary and I hope you all will be part of it.

Hope to see you all next month as we will celebrate our 6th anniversary. Come on ... be part of it. Invite your friends to participate in this celebration.


Chèvrefeuille, your host.

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