Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Carpe Diem #780 Kuchinashi (Jasmine)

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

This episode will not become a long one, because of certain circumstances. My dad has had a heart attack last night and is now in hospital. So you will understand that I have to concentrate on something else than CDHK, but of course I will try to keep CDHK running, because you all are such wonderful haiku poets and you have a right, as being part of our CDHK family, to get the episode as planned.

As you all know I have gathered all of our "On The Trail With Basho" episodes into one CDHK e-book, which is available for download at the left of our Haiku Kai. It's the first edition, but there will be another version of that same e-book soon. In that new version I will share a few new episodes/chapters with haiku by Basho and of his disciples/students.
We are busy with exploring the classical Japanese kigo for summer and today our classical kigo will be kuchinashi or Jasmine. In the "On The Trail With Basho"- episodes we had already a nice haiku in which this kigo is used:

This one you can find in chapter 14 of our "On The Trail With Basho" e-book:

shaded by blossoms
it is like song in a play
resting on a journey

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

And I found another nice haiku written by an Indian modern haiku poetess:

buds huddle by day
fragrance comes alive at night
affair with the moon

© Manjula Reddy

Credits: Kuchinashi or Jasmine
Isn't it a beauty? I can almost smell that sweet perfume of Jasmine and maybe you can remember the haiku which I composed in response of the above haiku by Basho.

scent of Jasmine
sound of a gurgling brook
peace of mind

© Chèvrefeuille

A wonderful haiku in what I think is what Basho mentioned karumi.

Well ... I hope you did like this short episode and I hope it will inspire you to write an all new haiku or tanka. Have fun!

This episode is open for your submissions tonight at 7.00 PM (CET) and will remain open until July 25th at noon (CET). I will (try to) publish our new episode, Ichigo (strawberry), later on. Have fun, be inspired and share your haiku (or tanka) with us all here at our Haiku Kai.


  1. Sending prayers for your father and all the family...

  2. family comes first: forget about us. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. Best thoughts and wishes to you and your loved ones, Kristjaan. Family does come first - especially in moments like this.

  4. Kristjaan do not worry about us. My father had two heart attacks, jubd of a double one. and survived, and the next few hours are very important. I imagine your father's lifestyle will have to change a bit, and my father is doing very well now, so the road forward can be very positive indeed. But the next few hours are important, of course..

  5. Family comes first, so forget about us for a while. Best wishes to you, your father, the entire family.

  6. I am so sorry about your father I hope he recovers quickly. Forest is right we will be here when you're ready but we are not a priority family first!

  7. sending good wishes

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  8. Kristjaan do not worry about Haiku. Attend to your Papa. .
    I had heart attack two months ago. I am hale and hearty now. Wish you all the best.

  9. I will say a prayer for your father and whole family and I echo what the others said. Do not worry about us (unless doing this helps you to feel better). We will survive on our own while you take care of your whole family.

  10. Yes, Kristjann, ditto what Forest Tink says. Do not worry about us. We don't need to interfere with your more urgent matters. We will still be here when you get time. I wish your father the very best recovery.

  11. Family comes first, Kristjaan. My thoughts are with you.

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your father and hope that all goes well ... if you need anything you've got my e-mail address I would be happy to help out. Best wishes! Bastet

  13. my thoughts are with you, Chev. Hope your father gets better soon.

  14. our thoughts are with you, Chev

  15. Kristjaan, so sorry to hear of your dad's health. You and your dad are in my thoughts and prayers. It is well.

  16. Take care of yourself and your family. Hope all goes well. We will all be here for you.
    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  17. All my best wishes to you and your family, always.