Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Carpe Diem Renga Party an Introduction to a new feature

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I think I have a nice new feature for our loving family of haiku poets. Maybe you can remember that we had a renga session feature at CDHK, but it died a silent death, and for a while I thought that renga cannot be done at CDHK.
Recently I have read Jane Reichhold's "Writing and Enjoying Haiku" and in that book Jane has written a chapter about renga. As I read that chapter I thought "maybe I have to try this again, because renga was the "birthplace" of haiku". That's the reason why I have created a new CDHK feature which I love to introduce here ... this new CDHK feature is titled "Carpe Diem Renga Party".

Credits: Renga platform (worth visiting)
Let me tell you how I see this Renga Party in front of my eyes or in my mind ... what ever (smiles). As you all know Renga is written with a group of haiku poets whom are writing alternately a stanza (link) of the Renga. It's a pleasant time passing acitivity and it can help you to improve your haiku skills or associative skills to become an even better (haiku)poet.

For this Carpe Diem Renga Party you have to register. After the registering period, say one week, I will create a list in which you can see when it's your turn to write a stanza and which stanza you have to write.

For example:

1. 5-7-5, the hokku which I will provide the first Renga Party

2. 7-7, Jen (Blog It Or Lose It)

3. 5-7-5, Hamish (Haiku Forest)

and so on

You have to follow the stanza, so you have to wait until your predecessor has written his/her stanza, because you need the stanza before your turn to write your stanza.
The stanza you have to post in the comments field. There will not be a linking widget in this feature, because that's to complicated to create.
After all the registered participants have written (and posted) their stanza I will create the Renga which is the result of this Renga Party and publish it at our Haiku Kai.

The time to write the Renga will be approximately four (4) weeks.

I hope you all understand the meaning of this new feature and that I have explained the way it works in clear words (I hope so).

For our first Carpe Diem Renga Party the subscription starts today and will run until August 5th 2015. So if you would like to participate in our first Renga Party ... let me know it through the comments field of this post.

I have already selected a haiku to start our first Carpe Diem Renga Party with, the hokku:

in the twilight
mist creeps over the fields -
stars twinkle

© Chèvrefeuille, your host

I am looking forward to be your host for our first Renga Party "in the twilight".



  1. I admire your creativity, I really do.
    This sounds like a wonderful and fun idea, Kristjaan! Count me in!

  2. I would like very much to join the party!

  3. Consider me registered....Thanks!

  4. This sounds great, Chevrefeuille! I'd love to join in :)

  5. Another one participant. I'm in.

  6. These are a lot of fun to do. Officially signing up right now.

  7. I would like to participate please.

  8. Fantastic idea ... I'd love to participate!

  9. Count me in, Kristjaan. It shall surely be fun. But I would plead with you not to place me on Saturday and Sunday as I do not have assess to the internet on those days.

    Thank you;.

  10. Im definitely in, I want to be a part of this renga;

    this is long over due Kristjaan

    much love...

  11. Yes!!! Let's do it ! Count me in , Kristjaan !

  12. Yes !!! Let's do it ,count me in Kristjaan !

  13. Wow...Fantastic idea...count me in...Best wishes.

  14. Count me in. I thought I put this on earlier...

  15. Count me in. Looking forward to learning something new. Thanks!