Saturday, September 26, 2015

Carpe Diem Renga Party #1 In The Twilight (completed)

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I have finally found time to publish our first Carpe Diem kasen-renga “In The Twilight”. It was an experiment, but I think it has become wonderful. It was really a joy to follow the growth of this renga and I am so glad that it has become a beauty. Thank you all for participating in this first Carpe Diem Renga Party.

A Renga, as we have created here is called a kasen-renga of 36 links. But ... there were (of course) strict rules. As we look at ancient kasen-renga than there were for example links in which you had to use kigo (seasonwords) like moon and in a kasen-renga there was always the whole year, in fact in every renga you will find all seasons.


startdate: August 9th 2015
end-date: September 9th 2015

participants: Ese (es); Candy (ca); Hamish (ha); Paloma (pa); Sky (sk); Lolly (lo); Georgia (ge); Christy (chr); Usha (us); Dolores (do); Celestine (ce); Gillena (gi); Milan (mi); Ruchi (ru); Jazzy (ja); Nimi (ni); Chèvrefeuille (chè)


in the twilight
mist creeps over the fields -
stars twinkle

climbing vines of honeysuckle
scented breeze lures out the moon (es)

moonglow touches earth
sparkles brightly on still water
diamonds on the pond

sudden rainfall scatters the light
-a lightning flash makes a frog jump (ha)

brittle rings break
amid drifting leaves -
Luna, eclipsed

swaying branches dance
with the autumn wind (sk)

two silhouettes
under umbrella
at the bus stop

navigating by instinct
on the road to Shangri-La (lo)

love echoes
in the halls of paradise
a blackbird's song

Umbrella eclipses kiss
Stolen amongst sweet whispers (chr)

Day meets night
my love lost in dark,
feel his aura
. (us)

his skin kissed in the scent
of autumn dreams (do)

witching hour
shimmer of the moon
caressing her curves

there in the gentle ripples
their hearts speak one language (gi)

~celestial bodies
envious of the lovers -
twinkle each other . ~

spiritual lantern whisper
chorus of eternal love (ru)

scent of hyacinth
mingle with the cool moonlit air
nights to remember

purple beauties wink merrily
lovers drink in the mystique (ni)

holding hands
light spring in step
- swing sways

on the children's playground
memories grabbing me by the throat (chè)

early temple bell
young monk shudders in his sleep
dream interrupted

strutting rooster crows
as farmer sips his morning tea (ca)

and the hunter, he waits
he waits as the sun rises
in the Azalea grass

plea and answer, eye to eye
and the bow is lowered (pa)

trampled pride
on a trembling lip
it's dawning

morning wood fuels the fire,
he wants coffee, tea and me (lo)

arrow pierces flesh
quivering quarry succumbs
passion springing forth

a dark night moon and stars hidden,
are they with you behind the clouds? (us)

sturgeon moon appears
wearing a soft red cast
stained in guilt

corn stubble cast in red light
under the sturgeon moon (ge)

red autumn leaves fall
remember sweet caresses
ah - lost summer love

taste of your lips lingering
with jasmine smells of autumn (ce)

blowing kisses -
fragrance of blossoms
trails along the path

intoxicating cherries
how I miss you ,beside you ! (mi)

scent of wisteria
spring confetti blooms
piñata as tall as green grass


remnants of the day kin to
impressionist's spring canvas (ja)

I love to thank you all for participating. I am looking forward to our next Renga Party which I have planned for upcoming winter. More to come when the time is there.


  1. Thanks for hosting this "party"! What fun.

  2. This was a wonderful experience Chèvrefeuille ... it'll be exciting to try again in winter - stronger now because of our experience!

  3. Thanks to you folks who participated....Have enjoyed reading the entries and look forward to more.....What a great way to cement a social group!! Chevrefeuille, you are the man!!!

  4. This joint undertaking has a very impressive outcome.

  5. A wonderful experience. Thanks Kristjaan and to all participants thanks for a great learning experience:)

  6. I was very worried when the second round came and simultaneously internet was banned for security purposes in my state of India . but thanks to the universe , I got connected just in time and could participate .
    When you want something too badly , it would happen naturally .
    Thanks Kristjaan for the renga ! I won't forget your dedication for the hosting and for giving all of us the chance to participate in this great party !