Sunday, June 10, 2018

Carpe Diem Extra June 10th pre-announcement Summer Retreat 2018

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

In our last weekend-meditation as published last Friday June 8th I already told you that I will initiate another Carpe Diem Summer Retreat next month. I told you also that I hadn't chosen a theme, but today I can share the theme for our new Carpe Diem Summer Retreat 2018.

For this new Summer Retreat I have chosen the theme "Finding Your Way". I realize that this theme is rather strange, but I think you can share wonderful haiku and tanka (no other Japanese poetry forms allowed) on this theme. I will give you an example from my archives:

searching my inner self
following the way of Honeysuckle
path of wisdom*

* Honeysuckle, in her spiritual meaning is the path of wisdom to find your inner self.

I have created our logo also you will find that hereafter.

Well ... this was the pre-announcement of our Summer Retreat 2018 that will start on July 15th at 10:00 PM (CEST) and will run until August 14th at 10:00 PM (CEST).

See you ...

Chèvrefeuille, your host

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