Sunday, October 13, 2013

Carpe Diem's Kasen-Renga Session #1 "No Lonely Night"

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Do you remember that we had a Kasen Renga Session? I have taken all the verses of this Kasen Renga from your comments and have them put together. So here you can read the result of our first Kasen-Renga Session. It was an adventure to start this Kasen-Renga, but it did go very well, however we didn't succeeded in making a complete Kasen Renga of 36 verses or chains, but we came halfway. To make the Kasen-Renga complete I have written the last verse, the Ageku, and made in that way the circle complete. Have fun reading this first Kasen Renga of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.


"No Lonely Night", a Summer Renga

Startdate: June 21th
Closingdate: July 22th


Ch = Chèvrefeuille; RD = Rick Daddario; BR = Bjorn Rudberg; MG = Managua Gunn; MaG = Maggie Grace; Lo= Lolly; HA = Howanxious; Ni = Nimue; JzB = JazzBumpa

Hokku (5-7-5) :

firefly party
their fragile light caresses me -
no lonely night 

open peony blossoms
her scent lingers beneath stars   (RD)

moonbeams caressing
golden hair on soft pillow
O my sleeping love   (BR)

on the cliff tops your dream flies
hair in the wind wild and free   (MG)


autumn's harvest moon
trees begin to shed their leaves
please don't change seasons

an Indian summer wind
passes over pumpkin fields   (Lo)

single maple leaf
decorate the farmers shoes
after harvesting 

maple leaves fall in the gutter
while kissing my wife   (Ch)

gentle touch of lips
hands embracing hands of love
holding an aster

her yearning for an ocean,
his passion for her kisses   (Ni)

Breaking Waves

her voice an echo
of the soothing waves that break
on childhood sea-shore

echoing through the silent mountains
the lamenting cries of seaguls   (Ch)

a clouded old moon
shivers in wake of cold winds
ache for warmth of love

wilting embers, winternight
join my under the duvet   (BR)

lovers of twilight
meet in a field of flowers
steal a silent kiss 

embracing lovers at dusk
shaded in a bamboo grove   (HA)


sprouting bamboo shoots
between colorful tulips -
I curse quietly and blush

firefly light attracts his mate
as starlight brings her to me   (JzB)

newly married bride
smile spreads on her rosy cheeks
her man nudges her 

no more lonely nights
as fireflies dancing in the moon   (Ch)

And with this last verse, the ageku, this (semi) kasen-renga is completed. I hope you liked the read. I think we did very well. Maybe we have to try it again? Let me know if you would like to try it again. For now ... see you ...



  1. Doing that had to be fun....wish I had been here for it.....opie

  2. Nice... It has come out to be so beautiful. It was a great idea and I, for one, would love to participate in more such group endeavors. :-)

  3. I love to start a new Kasen-Renga Session ... I will prepare a new one ... for next month. I am looking forward to it. So you've to pay a little patience HA.

  4. Yes, it would be fun.

  5. renga is fun, isn't it? Turned out great

  6. Oh,this was so beautiful-full of yearning,love & beauty!Made me wish I were a part of this exercise too :-)Yes,please start another Kasen-Renga session Kristjaan-I would love to participate.