Thursday, February 6, 2014

Carpe Diem #394 Horinji (temple 9)

Dear O-Henro ... Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Our pilgrimage continues ... after a good night's sleep we are rising early, almost at the same time as the sun rises, to go on. I have slept well and am full of new energy ... After doing my morning ritual I pick up my backpack. "A new day", I think. "What will this day bring me, bring us?"

the sun rises
accompannied by the song of birds -
a soft breeze

a soft breeze
plays with the young green leaves
the scent of spring

the scent of spring
overwhelms my senses
I thank Buddha

Today our goal is the 9th temple of the Shikoku henro (pilgrimage)... what will it bring us? We will see, we will hear, we will smell, we will feel and taste Horinji or "The Dharma Wheel Temple". We will need all of our senses to experience Horinji.

The Gate (Shokakuzan) to Horinji

Hōrin-ji (法輪寺?) is a Kōya-san Shingon temple in Awa, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. Temple 9 on the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage, the main image is of Parinirvana Shaka Nyorai. The temple is said to have been founded by Kōbō Daishi, who carved the image.
Parinirvana Shaka Nyorai means that the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) entered the realm of the eternal true Self.

The temple was founded by Kōbō Daishi and its honzon is the only surviving example of a reclining Buddha (Nehanzō) on the Shikoku pilgrimage. In fact, it is rare in all of Japan. It was carved by Kōbō Daishi and survived a 16th century fire that destroyed the temple when it was located in nearby Hochiga valley.
After the fire, the temple was rebuilt in its present location. Another fire in the 19th century again destroyed everything except the belfry.

The honzon (main hall) is locally popular for healing and curing illnesses of the feet and the waist.

The Mantra which must be used here is:

Nômaku Sammanda bodanan baku 

This mantra means "homage to all the Buddhas". And it refers to all and everything, because all and everything can become Buddha.

Parinirvana of the Buddha

eternal true Self
found in Parinirvana like Buddha -
the perfume of incense

the perfume of incense
guided my Inner Self on the Path
to Enlightenment

Not a strong set I think, but these haiku came right from my heart as I was preparing this episode for you all. In a way I have thrown away my Ego to become a haiku poet and share my passion for this Japanese poem with you all.
In my work as an onclogy nurse I have done the same. While I am at work the only thing I care of is the wellbeing of my patients. I do my work out of unconditional love for all and everything ... that makes me a buddhist ... or ...?

This episode will be open for your submissions tonight at 7.00 PM (CET) and will remain open until February 8th 11.59 AM (CET). I hope to publish or second Carpe Diem Special of this month, in which we follow Paulo Coelho on his Way of St. James in Spain, later on today. For now ... be inspired and find your true Self in composing your haiku.


  1. The haiku are strong in theme I think - and made powerful by the backdrop that is your page. I agree that nursing is very relevant to everything here.

  2. The first poem is wonderful. Birdsong - a soft breeze...yes!

  3. kristjaan, I've decided to withdraw from the Carpe Diem site due to the Medicine Buddha post. I support free speech, but hold my right to join another conversation. No. 8 in the list, to me as a feminist, was unacceptable to have to read on a blog that pursues enlightenment.

    1. I don''t know what the problem is Pviljoen, but if I have offended you with this post than I will apologize for that. I can''t say that this post has anything to do with being against feminism or females (and males). It''s just a post about a certain idea which occurs in Buddhism. And this Medicine Buddha did her/his work for everyone and everything. So in my opinion there is nothing wrong with this post. But as you have said yourself "I support free speech".
      It''s a bit sad that you have withdrawn from Carpe Diem ... but you''re free in your choice and maybe ... later, after we have done this pilgrimage you will return ... than of course you are welcome as ever and as everyone.

  4. I love these haiku Kristjaan :)

  5. Very nice entry... This month I'm so dependent on your guidance to write a haiku. Thank you so much

  6. The bliss or ecstasy we can feel here in Buddha.Nice haiku.

  7. i like how we started out so early in the morning today. ☺ your haiku, always wonderful.