Saturday, February 22, 2014

I take a few days off

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I am a bit exhausted my friends, so I take a few days off to take some time for myself ... sorry that I tell you all this a bit late. I will publish the delayed posts all together next Monday. Sorry guys ...



  1. There is always the need to care for ourselves before we can care for others.
    Please rest well and consider to just carry on with individual posts from where you left off, when you return instead of all the delayed posts together upon your return. This will allow us all a more relaxed time frame to visit our friends and enjoy our studies with your delightfully educational and entertaining posts.

    Poetically yours, JulesPaige (Jules and Kearu)

  2. I made a post anyway, even though I had no prompt.... You can see it at:

    Hurry Back.....

  3. I fully understand.. i have been to exhausted to even post.. rest and come again... (btw I had an idea for a month if you like) why not write haiku based on Aesop's fables.. one fable each day... they are all available freely on the net, and the preparation should be easy...

    Actually I thought about the similarity of the fable and the haibun. Many of them are summarized with a moral in the end.. almost like a haiku... hmmm maybe I'm making too much of it.. but we do fable poetry tonight..

  4. Smart man ~ knowing when to take time out ~ be well and lots of healing hugs for you and your family ~ carol

    artmusedog and carol

  5. Get some rest. It's okay. You don't need to catch up, either on Monday, just post one post. We'll be fine. That's why I'm taking a short break with my haiku train series and have missed a few posts on my other blogs--been having some health issues and taking time to rest in a very full schedule. Sometimes it is what we all need.

  6. My wish for you, dear friend, is to take care of yourself, ... that is what is important to you, your family and for me as part of your haiku family. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you do what you need to for yourself.

    Peace and love,

  7. Take it easy, Chèvrefeuille dear friend, take it easy. There are days on the road when private contemplation is needed, and our strengths are needed elsewhere. I am sure Basho would have put his hand on your shoulder and said ''rest''. Maybe he did. Come back and take it easier. Maybe you can write one post for two haiku, one each day. An arrangement that is easier.

  8. Time out is necessary; be good to yourself; be back with us soon

    much love...

  9. Take care my friend-we all understand and appreciate all that you do .Taking time off is so important to recharge and rejuvenate,my wishes and prayers for a happy sojourn are with you Kristjaan:-)

    I have been taking time off from writing haiku and was planning to be back in March-just thought of checking in and in a way am a bit relieved that you have decided to take a break too-I was beginning to feel a little guilty of neglecting my haiku for so long,he!he!Tc and see you in a week,God bless