Friday, July 11, 2014

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #43, "Cherry Blossoms fall" by Shirao

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Time flies ... another week has gone and it was a nice week. I have read wonderful haiku in response on the posts of this week and it makes me proud and humble that I may be your host here.
This week's Tan Renga Challenge is a haiku of Shirao (1738-1791). Shirao was an inspired haiku-poet who travelled a lot, just as Basho did. He was also a great calligrapher.
The goal of this Tan Renga Challenge is to write a second stanza (7-7 syllables) towards the first stanza, the given haiku. It's not an obligation to use the 7-7 count, feel free to use it as you like.

Here is the haiku, the first stanza, by Shirao:

hito koishi hitoboshi koro wo sakura chiru

yearning fills my heart
when the candles are lit;
Cherry blossoms fall

© Shirao
Credits: Cherry Blossom (Sakura)
And now you have to make the Tan Renga complete by writing a second stanza of two lines towards it. Let the haiku and the picture inspire you and make the Tan Renga complete.

This Tan Renga Challenge is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will stay on until next Friday July 18th at noon. Have fun, be inspired and share your continuation, completion of the Tan Renga.

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  1. It is always interesting to do these tan renga challenges.
    Every response comes from a different direction.
    As we merge here briefly like gathered rays of the sun to illuminate each other.