Monday, January 5, 2015

Carpe Diem Time Glass #16, Rainbow

!! Sorry I am a little bit late with this Time Glass episode, but I have decided to start it right now at 11.55 PM (CET) and it will close January 6th at 11.55 PM (CET) !!
Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,
It's time for our first CD Time Glass episode of 2015. I will first explain the goal of this Time Glass feature. CD Time Glass is a time challenge. You've to respond within 24 hours after opening ... I will give a image and a prompt which you've to use for your inspiration.
Credits: Rainbow Colored Sky

As you have read in the title of this CD Time Glass the prompt for this episode is rainbow ... So you have to write a haiku (or Tanka) inspired on the given image and the prompt rainbow within 24 hours starting tonight at 11.55 PM (CET) and ends tomorrow night at 11.55 PM (CET).
Why such a 'short' time? Haiku (or Tanka) describes a moment as short as the sound of a pebble thrown into water. This Time Glass feature learns you to respond in an eye-blink. So ... look carefully at the given image and try to write a haiku in an eye-blink. Have fun!


  1. Oh, how cool, Chevrefeuille! I love the photo --- but -- do you mind if I use a photo I captured this evening? A totally unexpected evening rainbow and it's crying out for a haiku :)

    Thanks for this prompt -- and for the sacred rope prompt --- fun!

    1. No problem Jen ... if you love to use your own photo ... please feel free.

    2. Thanks for understanding! Didn't want you to think I was being rude o.O
      It's a gorgeous rainbow sky you've discovered -- a happy image :)

  2. I like your picture, Kristjaan. It is a little hard to envision a rainbow with such a pretty sky. Hence (my guess) the name of the picture. I like challenges, this one is great.

  3. sky and planet
    palette for supremacy
    one master

  4. Trying to write in an "eye-blink"? Ok...
    And since I'd just read your Juxtaposition post, I had those ideas in mind a bit, too ;)

  5. oops...missed it by a couple of minutes - here's mine anyway!

    On Christmas Being Officially Over

    Twelve nights passed, baubles boxed,
    branches stripped bare, glitter gone
    rainbow unplugged, house dull

  6. Was just here to past my link and clicked back and missed it