Thursday, December 27, 2012

Carpe Diem #79, Winter Moon (fuyu no tsuki)

Dear haijin. visitors and travelers,

Two days of joy and happiness ... and rest ... I have had wonderfull Christmas days and I hope you all have had wonderfully days. Here in The Netherlands we had a green and very rainy Christmas, but together with my beloved family we had the warm and cozy feeling of a real family Christmas. Our last days of this month Carpe Diem are running by and before you know we have a new year ahead of us, but 'til than we have to go a few days.

Today our prompt is Winter Moon and as I promised earlier this week I will post another episode today with the prompt The Last Day of Winter (setsubun).

Winter Moon (fuyu no tsuki)

In Japan they find the moon of Autumn the most wonderful, and I do think that's so, but here in my country we find the Moon of Winter the most wonderful. As I write this post we have full moon and everywhere around my home Christmas is still going on with wonderful Christmas decorations in the gardens and wonderfull Christmas trees in the homes. I love this time of year ...

winter moon rising
above the Fuyi no Yama
what a beauty

what a beauty
the full moon of December
and Christmas trees

Enjoy this post and I hope to read wonderful haiku on Winter Moon (fuyu no tsuki). This prompt will stay on 'til December 29th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post another episode of Carpe Diem later on today. That new prompt will be 'The Last Day of Winter (setsubun)'.

Be inspired and share your haiku with us ... thank you all for your daily effort to write and share your haiku with us.


  1. happy to be back ^^

  2. Just in time! Hope to write some Haiku on today's meme. I already have an idea! :-)) Thanks Kristjaan for doing this "between the years".

  3. what's a "fuyi no yama"? I am dying to know.

    1. Fuyi no yama is the Japanese name of Mount Fuyi, a holy mountain in Japan.

    2. Blizzard Euclid still blowing wild...
      thought to take photo of December moon early last evening!
      Thanks for the wonderful text on the prompt...
      got my haiku juices flowing again ☺

  4. Thanks for getting me back into haiku mode!

  5. I can only envision the Winter Moon in your area -- bet it is a beauty indeed!