Friday, June 12, 2015

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #89, Southard's "from deep in the spring"

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Today it's Friday and that means time for a new Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge. This week I have chosen a haiku by Mabson O. Southard. Not so long ago I ran through our CDHK history and I came along a featured haikupoet ... you will (maybe) understand which haiku poet I mean here ... yes Southard, he was our featured haiku poet in September 2013 and I remember that his haiku were awesome. While on that memory lane I thought to bring him again under your attention in a Tan Renga Challenge. So today he is once again at CDHK.
As you all know the goal of the Tan Renga Challenge is to complete the Tan Renga by writing th second (two lined, 7-7) stanza through associating on the images in the first (three lined) stanza or 'hokku'.

Here is the 'hokku' by Mabson O. Southard:

From deep in the spring
clear reflections rise to meet
 falling plum petals

© Mabson O. Southard

A wonderful haiku to start this Tan Renga with I think. There are in my opinion enough 'images' to associate on to write the 2nd stanza of approximately 7-7 syllables.

Here is my attempt:

From deep in the spring
clear reflections rise to meet
falling plum petals                   (Southard)

swiftly, swiftly, following Newton
plums falling one by one          (Chèvrefeuille)

Not as strong as I had hoped, but a nice completion I think.

This Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge is now open for your submissions and will remain open until,next Friday June 19th at noon (CET).

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