Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

As you all know I love to talk about carpe diem as a family and therefor I love to make Carpe Diem together with you. So today I would like you all to ask if you have ideas for changing our Carpe Diem.

Are you missing something, do I have to change the lay-out or ... ? Tell me what you would like to change. If you have ideas please share them in the comment-field.

I am looking forward to your ideas.



  1. Personally I think you are working too hard ~ would rather you keep it simple ~ as haiku simplicity is beautiful ~ Secondly, ~ I find it very hard to post a haiku, etc everyday ~ so I now only post 2 major posts and add a little at time during the week or weekend if I choose.
    You are so knowledgeable and I treasure all you provide but perhaps, slow down? ~ I don't know what do others think? ~ namaste, carol ~ xxx ~ plus 'life' beyond cyberspace is true for all ~ especially during stress ~ good or bad stress ~ Hope this helps.

  2. There's nothing wrong with the layout, but I think you are working MUCH TOO HARD for a daily prompt. You are a nurse, for goodness' sake, and you keep long hours. No wonder you are exhausted!

    Why not just post a single word or phrase every day and let us work with that?


  3. I have only been visiting Carpe Diem since your latest pilgrimage. I am a believer in that the blog host is the one to make whatever changes they choose. If you wanted to go to posting once a week or every hour if you were able it should only be your choice. Do whatever you feel you need to do make hosting and blogging enjoyable to you.

    I have blogs in blogspot and WP as each offer different features. I like that with WP one can see comments easier and that those commenting have to 'register' so to speak. Blogspot doesn't make it easy to see where our visitors are coming from. Only the host has our contact information. But it is what it is. One learns to live with and deal with what they choose to belong to.

    I have enjoyed every post. You are a gracious host. And it is and has been a pleasure to be inspired by the information you provide.

    Be well, Jules.

  4. I agree with these two. I love your posts, but I don't think they need to be so elaborate--if you want to write one longer each week, maybe, but you don't want to exhaust yourself. We can work from words or concepts. Some of those are really fun anyway because everyone comes up with such varied answers. Some other thoughts--perhaps you could ask for guest posts from the Haiku Kai (they could submit to you so you could approve and post) and then we could all share the load a little and maybe get lots of different perspectives and varied knowledge. I also think the layout is fine.

  5. Hi Kristjaan -- yes, I agree with everyone here -- you work VERY, very hard on these posts -- and I appreciate what you are doing. I love the background information because it's something that makes CDHK different from all the other prompt sites out there. I learn so much from you and feel inspired to write more often because I respect the labor that goes into Carpe Diem. If there were any changes to suggest at all, it would be to allow more time to add links to Linky - perhaps one extra day before the link expires.

    Thank you for everything Kristjaan!

  6. Good day dear friends, what a nice words you share here with me and all of your concerns towards me according to the work of this weblog ... Those words touching me deep and maybe it is to much work for just one guy, but I like to do it ... it gives me a lot of joy and fullfillment to write these posts for you all.
    I have changed already one thing ... I have prolonged the time of our linking widget with 24 hours ... I hope that is enough time to write your posts.
    About the suggestion of Cathy (of Haiku Plate Special) to invite guest writers ... I like that idea, but I have to think it over. How I am gonna do that? Just invite someone or ...
    Well ... I am glad that you all are concerned about my wellbeing and I am so glad that you all like Carpe Diem Haiku Kai ... Thank you all for the kind words and ideas ... Namaste

    1. I think guest writers have an additional advantage that it raises the community spirit... one think I really like are the word prompts... actually I had an idea to look for regional kigo.. I know that such lists exists -- and we have writers from all around the world.

      Wouldn't it be great for instance to run say Indian kigo or North american ones -- and let a writer from that region write the background... maybe not a whole month, but mix it a little.... Just an idea.. I really love the regional background...

      Another idea for making the background less cumbersome is to for instance once a week have a picture-prompt... Many haijin are photographers and I find that very inspiring (I could provide pictures for instance)...


  7. It sounds like you've already made up your mind to continue pretty much the same way you've been going, Kristjaan, but I have to agree with the people who say that you're working way too hard on these daily prompts. The fact that you've had to delay posting several times recently might be an indication that the task is starting to wear you down. Well, you asked for an opinion, so I've given mine! Good luck, whatever you decide!

  8. Dear Kristjaan, I love the details you give. I love your knowledge also and that the things you say make me curious so I go researching. I don't have time to contribute every day. For me it would be fine to have these detailed prompts a couple of times a week.
    I think you should just follow what you enjoy. If you want to do detailed posts everyday, that's ok, or settle for less, or just weekdays, or weekends. Just don't feel obliged. Be sure to take some time off if you need or want.
    Maybe you could have a back-pile of words or quotes tucked away for use when you don't feel like getting involved. We could help by sending you words or quotes that inspire us that you could use or not as you see fit.

  9. Hi Kristjaan
    I missed this post before! I am always amazed by the richness of the daily posts, the lay out of each month and the direction Carpe Diem takes - it just gets better all the time. This is a very serious standard here and unparalleled anywhere on the internet. It is wonderful that it is daily but there is so much in each post you can definitely get two prompts out of them, so that you do 1 post every 2 days. That is also for music prompts and others as well. I think on year two using much of the material from your first year is also a fine idea, and we should find further people to join, though people are lazy it seems too often. The innovation in your posts is stunning. The contact with musicians to use their material brilliant, the monthly featured poet also. Your personal haiku have consistently been so inspiring. The bucket one was great. I cannot believe so much could come from a haiku.My advice would be to hold the course and not to become to influenced by others. Carpe Diem Haiku is unique, a light in front that others can only catch up with at best. 1 post with 2 prompts every 2 days would certainly be a more reasonably toll for you though, with a featured poet or special once a week. The pilgrimages with Coelho have been outstanding.

  10. Kristjaan,

    As you might know I'm part of the dVerse staff. We've had a lot of discussion on the community and how to keep it going. I do understand it is a very hard work and writing your extensive articles every day is an amazing job. Myself I write one per month.. (next one is due March 20). A few weeks ago we came very close to shut it down completely. I also run myself a wordgame on twitter... #lqw and have to come up with a word per day.. so I completely understand what you doing. Lately I have not been able to keep up.. and for me it's not just the writing, but the visiting and commenting (something I think is so important).. If you like help I can of course help out... After all - a community is about sharing and helping out. I really like your haiku and as I said before what stun me the most is how many haijin have developed their poetry through consistent reading and writing.

  11. Hi Kristjaan,
    You have had a very challenging few months personally, with illness in your family and other obligations. Those things can take a toll!
    Your commitment to this blog is extraordinary! I think you have many wonderfully exciting and imaginative ideas to share. And you are enormously faithful to commenting on every poem linked to the prompt!
    AND you have a challenging profession which can be very draining I am sure!
    I have wondered over the past few months especially, as your posts got longer and more involved, how you were managing to do it. Perhaps this post is your way of thinking through what and how this blog meets your own changing needs. After all, much as you are sharing both yourself and your blog with this community, it is YOUR weblog!
    You may have noticed that I have participated less often in recent months. My life has changed, at least temporarily, and I have less time for blogging. I miss the camaraderie and feedback but, I must attend to other things and only stop by when I have the time to devote to posting and visiting.
    I personally find it easier, especially when I am very busy, to focus on the one word prompts. And I love the idea of exploring regional kigo!!
    So, from my perspective, if you continue what you are doing, or change it up - either the prompts or the frequency - I will continue to be part of this community whenever I can. To me, it is all about balance!
    Thank you for all that you share so generously.

  12. Kris -- you have a wealth of information you generously share with us ... I too want to express both appreciation for your postings, and concern for your well-being. If the postings are a creative outlet for you, and does not seem like it is becoming a "chore" - do what is most comfortable for you ... we will adapt and benefit nonetheless. With my "hit and miss" on writing and posting these last few months (due to hospice care for my mom), I feel out of the loop with the pilgrimages of the past couple of months; however, I have enjoyed the rich details. Keep what flows best for you. Namaste ~~ becca