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Carpe Diem Theme Week (5) (5) The Fifth and Sixth Ray

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Welcome at this new episode of our Theme Week on "Ascension". I find this whole idea of Ascension and Ascended Masters intriguing and I hope that feeling I can bring over to you. Just be open minded to this idea of Ascension and Ascended Masters. I think that the Ascended Masters are only part of our being and they work through the Cosmos and the consciousness of all people, but maybe they are really "real" people ... I don't know.

In this episode I love to introduce to you the Cohans of the fifth and sixth Ray. The first Chohan is Hilarion, Chohan of the 5th Ray:

Hilarion, Chohan of the fifth Ray, the Green Ray, the Ray of Truth
Hilarion is the chohan of the fifth ray of healing and truth. He is the hierarch of the Temple of Truth on the etheric plane near Crete, Greece.
Hilarion was high priest of the Temple of Truth on Atlantis, and he transported the flame of Truth together with the artifacts of the Temple to Greece a short time before the sinking of the continent.

The focus of Truth that he established became the focal point for the Oracles of Delphi, messengers of Truth who served under the direction of Pallas Athena for hundreds of years, until black priests penetrated the Delphic Order and perverted the Truth that had been brought forth. The Brotherhood then withdrew this service to embodied mankind, since people were unable to distinguish between Truth and error.

Hilarion sponsors teachers of Truth, servants of God, religious leaders and missionaries, as well as those practicing the healing arts, scientists and engineers in all fields, mathematicians, musicians, those specializing in computer and space technology and those who work with all forms of media and communications.

Together with fifth-ray masters and the Brotherhood of Crete, Hilarion works steadfastly to draw their consciousness into a greater and greater appreciation of the full spectrum of Truth, which most have experienced only in part. To take them from a partial knowledge of truth to self-awareness in the divine wholeness of Truth is the goal of these brothers.

the truth unveiled
ascended masters - our ancestors -
spirits rejoice

© Chèvrefeuille

The Chohan of the Sixth Ray is Lady Nada, the Sixth Ray is the Pink Ray of Peace, let me tell you a little bit more about Lady Nada:

Lady Master Nada
The ascended lady master Nada is the chohan of the sixth ray (purple and gold ray) of peace, ministration and service.

She is also a member of the Karmic Board, on which she serves as the representative of the third ray (pink ray) of divine love.

Nada is an initiate and master of the path of the ruby ray, and she teaches the unfolding of the rose of the heart, helping us to develop the sensitivity of the heart.

She is very much involved with the initiation and sponsorship of twin flames and the Aquarian age family. She also ministers to the world’s children with legions of angels who personally tend to the needs of the youth.

Nada says, “I give you my love, for all else I have already given away.”

Lady Nada is the ascended master of all those who are working in the healing arts, in this case the Lady Nada is also my ascended master, who leads me on my path as an oncology nurse. It is possible to find her strength through this special prayer:
I AM my Brother’s Keeper:

I AM my brother’s keeper.
O God, help me to be
All service and assistance,
Compassion just like Thee!

I AM my brother’s keeper.
O Jesus, by thy Flame
Of Resurrection’s blessing
Give Comfort in thy name!

I AM my brother’s keeper,
O Presence of God so near,
The fullness of thy blessing,
Pure Divinity appears!

I AM my brother’s keeper,
The guardian of his Flame;
In quiet power and knowing,
I love him in thy name!

With this prayer you can awaken your inner light to help change the world.

A wonderful set of Ascended Masters I would say. I think we can learn something from them. Be always open minded, seek for the truth and for peace ... than the world will become a better place 

silent devotion
monks sweeping the garden
coming to peace
© Chèvrefeuille

This episode is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until July 36th at noon (CET) Have fun!

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