Friday, June 20, 2014

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #40, "One Yellow Leaf" by Jen of Blog It or Lose It

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

During the time I ask family-members of CDHK if I may use their haiku for Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge. Mostly I write them down immediately, but that I haven't done the last months. So I don't know which of our family-members I have asked. If I have asked you to use your haiku for a Tan Renga Challenge, please let me know.

This week's Tan Renga is started by Jen of Blog It or Lose It. She wrote this haiku in response on BrunuhVille's composition "Riversong". And I think it is a great response on that composition and a great first stanza of our new Tan Renga Challenge. I haven't ask permission yet to use it, but I think Jen will not have a problem with. (If you don't want me to use your haiku Jen, please let me know.) Here is our first stanza of our 40th Tan Renga Challenge:

clinging to the bank
where water wrestles with rock –
one yellow leaf

© Jen 

Credits: Yellow Leaves
Isn't it a beauty to start our new Tan Renga Challenge with? It's not really for summer, but ... well ... there also plants with yellow leaves naturally.

The goal is to write a second stanza to this haiku by Jen. That second stanza has two lines of 7-7 syllables (classical count), but you don''t have to use that classical count, but if you like to use that 7-7 syllables? Please feel free to do so.
That second stanza refers or associates with a theme in the haiku and becomes in that way a continuation or completion. Tan Renga is similar with Tanka (5-7-5-7-7) but is written by two poets. So if Jen would write a second stanza to her haiku than it isn't called a Tan Renga, but a Tanka. By the way, I have also published a new CDHK's Tanka Shrine episode.

Credits: Yellow Leaves of Autumn
Here is my continuation of this Tan Renga started with the haiku by Jen.

clinging to the bank
where water wrestles with rock –
one yellow leaf

struggling for life
trying to detach

Now it is up to you my dear Haijin, visitors and travelers to ''work with'' this Tan Renga Challenge. Have fun! This Tan Renga Challenge is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until June 27th at noon (CET).


  1. Kristjaan, your addition reminds me of children wishing to leave home - all must.
    But at the different time that is right for them. :)

  2. I am very sorry to be so late in responding Kristjaan. BUT -- yes, of course, you have permission -- it is an honor. :)

    Can hardly wait to see what everyone writes!
    All the best to you --