Monday, April 22, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #33, Chèvrefeuille's 'the cool rain'.

Dear haijin, visitors and travelers,

April is almost over and this is the fourth Special of this month. As you all (maybe) know I am writing haiku 25 yrs now, so it's my anniversary as a haiku poet. Therefore I have chosen haiku written by myself for this month's Specials. Today I love to share a winning haiku which I wrote in 2010.
Every year in Spring the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is taking place. And every year they organize a haiku-contest for this Festival. Until now I have contributed haiku to this contest for five years I think. I did that also in 2010. That years contribution to the haiku-contest was the next haiku:

hato saku sakura-kuuru na ameno ma kuukuu (*)

the cooing of pigeons
between blooming cherry trees -
the cool rain

(*) translated by Romaji.Me

It was one of two which I contributed, but this one won a honorable mention that year. I was very proud to hear from that winning haiku. It's a haiku which I shared also on Wonder haiku Worlds, a worldwide website for haiku-poets and poets of other Japanese poetry. It's translated in several languages and that I am proud of. By the way ... today I contributed two new haiku for this haiku contest of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. I hope (again) that they will be a winning pair (or maybe one, or another honorable mention).

The Sakura in my backyard

As you all know I am 'addicted' to cherry blossoms and cherry trees it's to me the most wonderful theme to write haiku about and I am always happy when I see the first blossoms bloom. To me it's also one of the saddest days as I see how the last cherry blossoms fall, but than later on in the year end Summer and starting Autumn I enjoy the tasty cherries of my own Sakura. Than the leafs fall and the Cherry tree is than full-circle as Mother Nature like it to see. Well ... that's nature ...

cherry blossom petals fall
without sound

without sound
cherry blossom petals ride
on gusts of wind

on gusts of wind
cherry blossom petals, full circle,
the taste of cherries

the taste of cherries
helping me through the cold winter
Sakura blooms again

A wonderful cascade of haiku on the 'full life circle' of Cherry trees ... what a joy to share this with you all, my dear haijin, visitors and travelers.
Be inspired and share your haiku with us all here on Carpe Diem the place to be if you like writing and sharing haiku.

This prompt will stay on 'til April 24th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post, Pigeon (provided by Cathy), our next episode later on today around 10.00 PM (CET).


  1. Your haiku was very inspiring for me as in no time I was able to compose mine!

    And your cascading set is so fluid just like the circle of life...

  2. All of your haiku are so beautiful. I too adore cherry blossoms and your cascade is wonderful. I hope you win too, but even if you don't, I'm sure all of us here joining you on Carpe Diem feel it is special and winning in our hearts.

  3. Lovely cascade, really.. a great set. But your inspiring one was perfect.

  4. Congrats on the honorable mention and I know you will place again. Your posts are very inspiring and I love your blossoms. I am watching our trees daily for the blossoms to arrive. :-)

  5. Good luck with your entry, and how fun that today's inspiring haiku is also about pigeons. I love them! (my non haiku blog is even called Yay! Pigeons)

  6. Yesterday evening I've just read the prompt and your nice cascade, but it has been too late to think of something on my own. The fog cleared this morning and I combined this prompt with coffee.