Monday, July 8, 2013

Carpe Diem #242, ambition

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I am aware of the discussion about commenting on others post. Of course I do like reading your comments on my posts and I love to comment on others. So, as your host, I will say "let us try to comment on eachothers post, but don't make it an obligation". This said I close this discussion, because it makes me sad to read how different our thoughts are according to commenting. And sadness isn't what I was searching for when I started this daily haiku meme. I was searching for a way to share the art of haiku writing and the joy it gives to write and read them.

Today our prompt is ambition. What is your ambition? Once my ambition was to become a nurse and there after I was longing to specialize myself in the oncology. Those ambitions I have gained. And now my ambition is to share the joy of the art of writing haiku ... that ambition I give form by this daily haiku meme. And it's a joy to write all these posts for you. So please enjoy it with me ... let us try to find a common ambition in sharing our joy and love for haiku. Just have fun ... haiku is fun ... haiku is a way of life ... haiku is art ... come on guys and girls ... share the ambition to share haiku with each other with me.


haiku community
enjoying the ART of haiku
and promote it

same ambition shared
writing and sharing haiku with the world -
just have fun

Not really haiku I think, but it's what my heart says ... I cherish our haiku community ... please cherish it with me and enjoy the art of writing haiku.

This prompt will stay on 'til July 10th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post our new episode, companions, later on today around 8.00 PM (CET) (At least I will try to post it on time).
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  1. I thoroughly enjoy the haiku community and it has brought me closer to my poetry and the community is great. There are those coming and going and other's that have joined since. Writing every day and commenting has given me so much.

  2. ambition -
    stitching together
    a haiku community

    I think you've done rather well, Kris! Take a bow.

  3. I am also very grateful for this community. I love the support we give each other, and I am inspired to see how others respond to the prompts. This haiku journey we are on together is indeed a great joy! I really like your post today.

  4. Don't mourn human difference. Don't shut off communication because we are not the same.
    Celebrate our differences. It's what helps us learn about our world.