Thursday, July 11, 2013

Carpe Diem #243, tribulation

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Today another "harvested" word from "mauscript found in Accrä" by Paulo Coelho. Today we share on tribulation a very difficult word to work with. So I had to search for the meaning and some synonyms for this one.
Tribulation means: Tribulation can have two meaning 1. A short period of time before the second coming when believers will experience worldwide persecution and be purified and strengthened by it. 2. When one goes through a period of worrying situations applying to themselves or to someone they are close to, like family member.
Synonyms for tribulation are e.g. burden, curse, misery, misfortune, downfall and sorrow.
With these maybe it's possible to write new haiku.

As I was searching for the meaning of tribulation I ran into a Christian movie titled: Tribulation (2000). In this movie it's all about The Beast and Christ. A short view on the story-line will follow.
[...] "Tom Canboro is a police detective with a Christian sister, Eileen, a brother, Calvin, a wife, Susan, and eccentric brother-in-law, Jason. One night, Jason seemingly goes insane and tries to kill Eileen, calling her a "hater". Tom soon realizes this may be a conspiracy going as far as devil worship, but as he speeds in his car to get help, he suddenly looses control and crashes. Waking up in a strange hospital, he finds years have passed and people all over the world are wearing the mark of 666 on their right hands, and all those who don't are being killed off. Franco Macalusso, the believer in world peace Jason was fond of, now controls the world, and is trying to bring the world together as it was at the tower of Babel. Meanwhile, the "Haters" or Christians are hiding out and airing TBN tapes on the air for people to realize the Messiah is really the Antichrist, but their leader, Helen Hannah, is arrested..." [...]

Credits: Movie poster Tribulation (2000)

everlasting battle
between good and evil -

good and evil
colliding with each other
in the final days

As you may remember from our "Tarot-month" Adam and Eve were the leading people in the downfall. After Eve had eaten from the fruit of good and evil they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. And we also saw that month that we all will finally live in a New Garden of Eden in the New Jerusalem.

after tribulation
we finally enter a new world
the Town of God

That was it for today's episode. I leave you all with another wonderful picture in which tribulation, the Apocalypse is portraited.

Credits: Tribulation, The Apocalypse

This prompt will stay on 'til July 13th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will (try to) post our new episode, mystery, later on today around 8.00 PM (CET). !! Submissions for tribulation starts at 8.00 PM !!


  1. Am I the only one troubled by the popular misconception that Eve and Adam ate an apple in the Garden of Eden? The Bible is quite restrained in its description of the comestible, calling it simply "fruit." I suppose that ambiguity leaves the way open for interpretation, and, if that's the case, why did we settle on "apple" instead of "mango" or "papaya" or "passion fruit"? (Secretly, I hope they were eating passion fruit!)

    1. I have read theories, which consider that the fruit was rather a fig.. or a grape, rather than being an apple.

    2. I have given it a try and look it up in the Bible. And you all are right, it was no apple. It's said that it was the FRUIT of Good and Evil. Which fruit? Isn't known, but the church has once said that it was an apple ... so that's were it went wrong. So I have deleted 'the apple' from this post.

  2. I found this one tricky... and you did well Kristjaan,,

  3. Excellent post to keep us well informed ! Great haiku and the process of trials and tribulations ~ like the making of a diamond ~ Happy Weekend to you ^_^

  4. I also found it tricky, and I really love learning about the other definition of tribulation--I did not realize it has a specific Christian context.

  5. I found this very difficult. Contemplating the definitions, synonyms and research, I finally came up with my haiku which was difficult to find words for... Thank you Kristjaan for stretching my dealing with the uncomfortable feelings with the topic and the stress of posting it for others to read...but I am better for meeting the challenge.

  6. A post script to my comment...
    the poem's third line should read "high tide".