Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Carpe Diem #259, Miracles

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Today we have our last episode of Carpe Diem for the month July. This month was really a joy to make for you all. We had wonderful prompts "harvested" from "Manuscript found in Accra", the latest novel by Paulo Coelho and we had those wonderful haiku written by Jane Reichhold, a wellknown modern haiku poetess, which we could use with her permission. They were all stunning and you all were inspired by those haiku of Jane.
It's a bit sad to write the last episode for this month, but I am already preparing the first episodes of our new month August in which we will have wonderful music composed and performed by Karunesh a new-age artist who has composed really stunning music. I discovered his music several years ago and since then I am a big fan of his music. I have even created a weblog on the Dutch social network hyves with his permission of course. By the way I have permission to use his music as you can read in the CD News section.
It's a miracle that I have entrance to all those internationally known artists. And that brings me to our prompt for today Miracles. Miracles happen everywhere around us sometimes we can't see that immediately and sometimes we know it just. Miracles are part of our life, but we have to see them. In those little things as a new born or the song of the birds. Or those wonderful flowers and trees. Just little miracles we take for granted, but aren't common all time.
I found a wonderful music video about 'Miracles', maybe it helps you to become inspired and share your haiku with us all.

Miracles ... I belief in miracles, I see that every day around me and it gives me so much joy, and new energy.
Look around you and see those little wonders, those little miracles. It will bring you so much joy and happiness.

it's a miracle
on the old old tree trunk
new life sprouts'

new life sprouts'
after the dark winter time
the first narcissus

the first narcissus
a joy to see it grow
it's a miracle

I hope you enjoyed the read and the video and I hope that it will inspire you all to write wonderful haiku on miracles. Have fun!
This prompt will stay on 'till August 1st 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post our first episode of August, Caravanserai, later on today around 8.00 PM (CET) I hope that I will be on time. !! Miracles is open for submissions at 8.00 PM (CET) !!



  1. That is wonderful how you find and make use of things like the music. Really nice.

  2. Thank you so much for all you do on this blog and your other blogs ~ Brava! ~ Happy Week to You and seeing the miracles ~ carol ^_^

  3. Magnificent in whatever size they come in
    great way to end another inspiring month

  4. Enjoyed reading everyone's posts...had a HUGE mental pause on the word,
    and then, poof !...remembered something I'd said every day at work
    what kind of mind
    envisions it's possible
    medical needles

    draw up insulin
    know it is accurate
    modern miracle
    LoL...oh well..getting old is chicken poop,
    and I did get to read some awesome haiku