Saturday, July 27, 2013

Carpe Diem #257, Liberation

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Another day has gone by. We have celebrated the 5th birthday of my youngest grandson with the whole family, a big party full of joy and laughter. It was just a great day and we have enjoyed eachoter's company. However ... this has nothing to do with our prompt for today. Today we share haiku on Liberation, freedom of speech, freedom of will and liberty in general. I think Liberation has no need for further description so let's go on with this episode and do some haiku composing.
As you maybe know all our prompts of this month are 'harvested' from the latest novel written by Paulo Coelho, "Manuscript found in Accra". I am a big fan of his novels and I have almost read them all. As I was preparing this episode I recalled a scene from one of his older novels. Maybe you know The Zahir another novel by Paulo Coelho which he wrote in 2005. In that scene the main character of the novel is being released from prison and the police-officer told him about freedom. He started with the sentence "You are free". The main character asks him in return "What is freedom?" That question is the lead of The Zahir at the end of the novel he gets his answer. "Freedom is living out of unconditional love and out of the box thinking".
This brings me to another idea which came in mind while preparing this episode. Maybe you can remember our Zodiac-days. In those days we had Aquarius for prompt and in that episode I referred to the movie Hair, a movie also about Liberation, free will and free mind. Hair is the ultimate movie on Liberation and I enjoyed that movie very well.

This video-clip from Hair says it all I think. I hope you are inspired to write haiku on Liberation and I am looking forward to all of your wonderful posts and haiku.

living in freedom
like the birds in the sky
rejoicing the Creator

make love, no war
look around you in wonder
living in freedom

This wonderful prompt will stay on 'till July 29th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post our next episode (hopefully) later on today around 8.00 PM (CET). Our next episode will be the last Carpe Diem Special by Jane Reichhold the haiku for your inspiration will be a winter-haiku. I will give that haiku already here:

winter solstice
warmth of friends
return the sun

OK ... another one by Jane Reichhold, also a winter-haiku, feel free to choose from both or use both ... it's up to you ... practice Liberation (smiles)

deep snow
the horse walks the paths
of summer


!! Liberation is open for submissions at 8.00 PM (CET) !!


  1. summer swallow
    flies free
    not liberated

  2. I wanted to let Pirate know that I haven't been visiting because his site/work is a bit X-rated for me. No comments on his page to tell him there. I'm just overly sensitive. Hope you understand.

  3. Kristjaan, I like the image of the birds, and the song from "Hair" is a great example here!

  4. The concept of liberation needs the approval of mind.

  5. beautiful haiku, Kristjaan. I've read the Zahir; an intriguing read..
    and many happy returns of the day to your grandson.. :-)

  6. HA, your link doesn't work. Gemma, your "post a comment" link isn't working :(