Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Carpe Diem Extra oct. 2014

Dear haijin, visitors and travelers,

I have a dilemma ... in the comments on the last GW-post about all our special features there were very different ideas about these features. Of course I love to grant all your ideas, but that isn't possible. I will look at all the specials again and will decide what to do with them. I like all the special features, but I am aware of all the work they give me and you all to respond on it.
So I will need your help.

There are a few features which I will keep:

- Cd-special (featuring haiku poets)
- Cd- ask jane
- Cd - just read
- Cd - little creatures & sparkling stars, which I will transform in one special feature
- Cd - time glass
- Cd - tan renga challenge

For all the other features I love to ask you all for help with chosing which to keep and which to let go. How do I do this?

Please look at all the special features (except the above mentioned) and choose the three features which you like the most. I will count all the mentioned special features (which will get the most votes so to say) and than I will decide which features we will keep and which we have to loose.
You can respond on this until October 25th ...

I am looking forward to your top three special features.




  1. Kris, you have already selected the half dozen favorites that you desire to keep....That gives you six items to prepare and squeeze into four weeks of the month. Assuming that you enjoy doing about a week's work on a favorite topic, you are stretching yourself beyond a comfortable enjoyment level. Keep things simple and don't add any new features for the holiday months.....Give yourself and us a rest.

    My one suggestion would be to encourage everyone to spend at least one week per quarter searching for resource webs which we can share for information, contests, and publishing opportunities. This item will help us all become better students of this wonderful art of oriental poetry. You may find that inputs of the items may make your brainstorming a lot easier....... opie

  2. Hello Chevrefeuille --


    1) soliloquy no renga
    2) music prompts (would love to hear music from new cultures & genres)
    3) distillation

    least favorite:

    novel-based (difficult to keep up with the reading *and* to meet deadlines)

  3. It is hard to throw away what are good ideas!
    However, here is my answer to the task: I like the ghostwriter series, the troika and the seashell game with it's possible variants. I also enjoted analyse that haiku, think it could develop well. This site is such a good one.

  4. I'd like to see these appear again: Cd Imagination, CD Free Style/Little Ones, Remember this Music - Thanks for asking :-)

  5. All of these specials are great and offer variety and it's the special challenges that keep me in creative mode. We don't have to have all of them in every single month. Heck, just assign each one a number, roll some dice and let chance select the special of the day. Problem solved.

    My thoughts on the shell game.

    By it's very nature it is a competition and it needs to be fair.

    For it to be fair the judge should not know the authors of any of the poems. So right here, the judge needs an assistant to collect the poems and give them to the judge w/out any of the authors' names attached. And it goes without saying, this assistant can't also be participating in the game as a contestant.

    Because the judge doesn't know who wrote which poem, this avoids the "sympathy win." A sympathy win is winning not because the poem is masterly crafted and beautiful, but because it's that person's turn to win which would be the antithesis of a contest. But I've seen this happen many times and this is one reason I don't enter many contests--judges voting for friends, judges voting for the underdog, judges sharing the win with everyone regardless of talent or worse, players winning because they got all their Facebook friends to vote for their mediocre entry. These practices turn a contest into a farce and should be avoided.

    Also, because it's a contest, there should be a prize. A prize doesn't have to cost any money. How lovely would it be for the winner to have a special badge made for the occasion and/or a Guest Writer spot on Carpe Diem? The Sea Shell Game Winner can, perhaps, choose the kigo of the day or the CD special of the day or write an article or ... ?

  6. Kristjaan, I feel like with those wonderful choices you have selected you have a lot already. Maybe also keep the ghostwriter post, since on those you get some help with the writing, it isn't all on you. And I love the seashell game or some version of it, like this new idea you posted about today, a contest. A friendly one I am sure, we are so friendly here.

    Sometimes I daydream that we will someday have a real live meeting of this haiku kai. :)