Monday, October 20, 2014

Carpe Diem "Time Glass" #7, "Valley Stream"

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Time flies when you have fun or have been very busy. It's time again for our time challenge "Time Glass" in which we have to respond within 12 hours after publishing.
This week I have a Time Glass episode with a twist.
This week I have a photo and a haiku for your inspiration. You have to use both of them to write an all new haiku, with a second stanza !! So the goal is to write a "Solo"- Tan Renga.

Here is the photo:
Maui Hawaii
And here is the haiku to use next to the photo for your inspiration to write an all new `solo` Tan Renga.

gurggling valley stream
brings joy to the heart of Mother Nature -
Il Silenzio

© Chèvrefeuille

Well I hope this photo and haiku will inspire you enough to respond within 12 hours. Good luck and have fun!

This `Time Glass` episode starts NOW and will be open until Tuesday 21st October at 7.00 AM (CET), so you have just 12 hours !!


  1. I always love these prompts and try to draft something when I get up but then I get to work and time spins...phew...this one has so many completions.

  2. Wonderful. I took some risks here, but hey, we are a family! And.......Jen did great research there....amazing!

    1. ... and how I enjoyed those risks ;)
      In all seriousness, though, the tanka is wonderful -- the photo leads us to one interpretation -- but without the photo there are many layers to explore.

      Glad you liked the research -- it was an eye-opener. I had no idea about the song or the amazing history behind and around it.