Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Carpe Diem's "Real Renga", an introduction and a proposal

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Just a few minutes ago, I was sitting in the frontyard contemplating about Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, I heard beads falling. My neighbor's granddaughter had broken her bead-necklace. She was crying her heart out. Her grandmother (my neighbor) tried to comfort her and said: "Don't be sad sweety. We will repair your bead-necklace together. First granny will do a bead and than you will do a bead". The little girl laughed and clapped in her hands. "Yeah! Granny we are going to make my bead-necklace together!"
This sweet (and sad) scene brought an idea into my mind for our Haiku Kai. I love to introduce it and propose to you all if we will do this. It's just an idea, so let me know what you think about it.

Credits: The Great Chain

This is the idea. I will make pairs of haijin, for example Georgia and Jen, and I will give you all a 'hokku' (starting verse of a renga) to start a "Real Renga" with. The pairs of haijin, in this example Georgia and Jen, have to compose a renga together by taking turns to write a stanza for the renga. The renga has to become a chain of at least eight (8) stanza and at the most sixteen (16) stanza. The one who writes the 'ageku' (closing verse with a reference to the hokku) of the renga links the renga to Carpe Diem's "Real Renga"- feature.
I think this will be fun and it makes us more a haiku family.

What do you think of this "Real Renga" idea? Let me know ... and maybe we can start a.s.a.p. with this new feature.


Chèvrefeuille, your host.


  1. Sounds like fun, Kristjaan!! We do try to do this from time to time and it is such a beautiful do this here would be like a "real" party!

  2. Oh! This is exciting - I'm all for it! :D
    As they say here in the States, "send me in, Coach! I'm ready!" ;)

  3. I participated in a couple of "renga parties" about a year ago. They were a lot of fun.

  4. This sounds fantastic! Ready to start!

  5. I'll be a wallflower, and enjoy the party from the sidelines. Thanks.

  6. Have some one send me a specific piece to write on when the time comes and then I can participate. But I can't second guess where to fit in.

    I think after the initial post, maybe you could list who is participating and what position you want them to post. You might have to post the additions daily or e-mail to the participants and then post the whole thing when it is completed. That way people aren't posting all over one another. Just a thought.

  7. With the lack of expertise at this time, I will join MMT on the sidelines. Looking forward to the beauty of the poetry you create!